Monday, June 24, 2013

Young and beautiful

Hello readers..
Have you ever heard this song.? Young and beautiful by Lana Del Rey.
But i kinda love this acoustic version by Jona Selle.

My 27th day

The unusual day of my life
the unusual celebration on my day
single walking around in mall
even tho i knew it was my special day
unusual day of my 27th
when nobody special by myside
wishing me happy birthday sharp on 12 midnite
God has sent me this situation
God has given me this unusual feeling
Turn the switch button to off
so i can get away for awhile
Oh.! this unusual day was a wordless day
nothing to say
No words to express my feelings
Only eyes can see how unusual i felt
Oh God.!
U has sent me this situation
Sitting on my couch and watching the tv show
it touches me
and it tears me apart
Oh God.!
please give me some sunlight to my question
give me an answer to my next coming minutes
Whats going to happen to me next
Allah.. I'm just your usual muslim
and i need you to guide me the way
Release this unusual feelings

Monday, June 10, 2013

Learn to Appreciate

People taught me,
to appreciate the things that i have,
yes, i do appreciate all the things that have,

people taught me,
to be thankful for the people that helps,
yes, i thank them for being the person in my days,

people taught me,
to be grateful for the physical that i own,
yes, i'm grateful for my physical
even tho i'm skinnier each day,

people taught me,
for appreciating every day i woke up,
because there are people who didnt woke up the next day,

people taught me,
to appreciate every cents that in my pocket,
because there are people who didnt have any cents with them,

people taught me,
to appreciate siblings that still have,
even tho, i'm lonely without my parents,

people taught me,
to smile each day,
because from that little smile,
you can give happiness to others,

and people taught me,
to appreciate every moments with friends,
because friends that can share your tears with,
are hardly to find.

i'm thankful for everything that i have,
even tho, i dont have any mummy or daddy with me.
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